Meet Sophie & Jess

The Mummies Behind the Gummies!


Being friends for 12 years we have shared a lot of experiences together, marriage, holidays, house moves, babies and now this new venture.
Canax was born out of a passion for CBD which has grown over time. Inspired by family influences, success stories from people we know and the way the world is right now.
We came across CBD a few years ago, Jess’s mum was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and she has found that CBD along with medical treatment has helped ease her daily anxieties and encourages sound sleep which is vital in any type of healing and recovery.
As a nurse by trade Sophie has seen the effects of CBD in patients first-hand and has always had an interest in the amazing effects of this natural plant.
Being very busy people ourselves we thought what a great way to help others and share this journey with us.
We have designed a CBD range that fits perfectly around your busy lives to help take that edge off whenever you feel the need.
Dedicated to providing only the highest quality products we swear by our moto ‘less of the stress’, and we are hoping to take you on a journey that can help change your life in this crazy chaotic world we live in at the minute.
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