CBD and Fitness

Welcome to the Canax CBD blog! We’ve covered a lot of important topics so far, from how CBD can help with everything from menopause to anxiety, sleep, pain, and more.

Today, however, we’ll be looking at fitness. We’ll explore how CBD can help you on your fitness journey, how you can fit CBD into a keto diet, and show you where you buy fitness-friendly CBD products.

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Let’s start with the reasons athletes and amateurs alike use CBD after exercise.

Using CBD After Exercise

Exercise is hugely important for those looking to lead a healthier life. Moving as much as possible is key to this, and CBD can help with some of the more difficult aspects of increasing your mobility.

Muscle soreness is one of those bug-bears that affects everyone from professional athletes to those trying to add a bit of gym time into their routine. While it’s common knowledge that workouts can be tough, it’s often the day after that puts people off going back for more.

But CBD can help.

As we all should know by now, CBD has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties (analgesic means pain killing) in abundance due to how important cannabinoids are for the functionality of your body.

What people might not know, however, is that muscle soreness is actually caused by microscopic tears in your newly worked muscles, which leads to inflammation and pain. Research has found that using CBD after your workout can substantially reduce the pain and swelling associated with workouts, which is great news for those spending more time in the gym pumping those guns.

Why? Because it means that by adding CBD into your post-workout routine, you’ll experience a shorter recovery time and less discomfort. This means you can get more from your workouts in terms of performance and endurance, and you’ll even enjoy them more, too!

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Professional Athletes and CBD

The benefits of using CBD as a fitness tool isn’t just anecdotal from that bloke down the gym. In fact, lots of professional athletes use the natural plan of CBD in their training regimes for large sporting events.

These include UFC fighters who’ve performed at the highest level such as Daniel Cormier and Jorge Masvidal, not to mention Rampage Jackson and Lolo Jones. They all agree that CBD helps them not only with recovery time, but performance in general.

Daniel Cormier in particular is very vocal about CBD, saying that after regularly using CBD, he was able recover quicker from training sessions, rest more, sleep more, and perform at a higher level. He attributes a lot of his return to UFC, at the age of 39 no less, to adding CBD into his life, and says it helped him defend two separate weight class championships simultaneously. No mean feat at all and high praise indeed for CBD!

Refined Sugar and CBD

So, we’ve established that CBD products such as CBD gummies can be beneficial for workouts. Some of the biggest names in the most intense sports swear by it, but what about the sugar?

If you lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, the amount of sugar in CBD gummies isn’t really anything to worry about. However, those looking to calorie-count and keep the weight off, it’s a good starting point to reduce your refined sugar intake as much as you can.

Why? Because in short, an overabundance of refined sugar means excess insulin is driven into muscle, fat and liver cells, where it’s stored as glycogen for later use. Since we have limited capacity to store this form of sugar, it gets converted into fat for storage if you consume too much. Which means you put on weight. There are loads of benefits of reducing your refined sugar intake to achieve your weight loss goals, but this is the core reason you should consider it.

Keto Diets

A keto diet is a great example of a low-sugar diet, and is an extremely popular weight loss method for people around the world. It’s extremely successful which is why it’s so popular, and it basically means cutting out food items that aren’t natural and include lots of carbs and refined sugars.

Those on a keto diet try to get their calories from protein and healthy fats instead, which means cutting out on high-carb and high-sugar foods such as pasta, rice, and sweet treats.

It’s highly effective for this reason, but one of the key problems people have when they want to employ a keto diet alongside a natural CBD plan is that they can’t find sugar-free CBD product to use. So, with this in mind, we got to the lab and created something brand new.

Zero Sugar CBD Gummies

 Zero Gummies Front Packaging

Introducing our brand new Zero CBD Gummies. Created using absolutely zero sugar, zero gluten, and zero gelatine, they’re ideal for those looking to cut their sugar intake and improve their fitness, whist also being completely vegan-friendly.

This means you can reap the many benefits of implementing a CBD plan into your fitness regimen without worrying about excess sugar. It also means they’re perfect for those on a keto diet, and all the ingredients are completely natural and farmed from an organic farm in Oregon, USA.

Buy Zero Gummies with Canax CBD

With 60 gummies per pack and 10mg of CBD in each gummy, Zero Gummies are stevia sweetened and come in sour apple flavour with absolutely no unpleasant CBD aftertaste. They’re absolutely natural and perfect for fitness fanatics and those on a keto diet.

You can buy Zero Gummies as a one-off purchase or as part of a rolling subscription at the Canax CBD website.

For more information on the benefits of CBD and to take a look at our other CBD products, including Mellow Meno CBD capsules designed to help combat menopause, visit our website today.