So, we hit the lab and researched all the different ingredients required to make the perfect product for women going through different hormonal issues, from mood swings and the dreaded ‘red rage’ to period
pain cramps. We’re also extremely happy to help make women’s lives that little bit easier, helping you through the difficulties women face on a monthly basis.

  • All lab tested

    Every Hey Hormones batch is lab tested for that ultimate peace of mind.

  • Sustainable shopping!

    They’re also fully vegan, palm-oil free,
    and come in sustainable packaging.

  • Zero after-taste

    What’s more, they have ZERO
    unpleasant CBD after-taste.

What do our customers think?

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Customer Review Picture
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Clearer skin, less mood swings, less PMS symptoms, much better sleep and so much more energy! I am genuinely sad that the trial ended as I really felt like I benefited from the product! Can’t wait for it to be launch so I can continue taking!

Philippa Heal

Absolutely fab product! Need to know when I can buy some because I really need to carry on! I have noticed I’ve been less reliant on the gummies. I am calmer, relaxed, focused and have less anxiety.

Vicky Sanders

Just amazing - like all your other products! I literally swear by Canax now, from a stressed, anxious, hormonal mum of 2 young kids I thank you! I have suffered with stress & anxiety for as long as I can remember, I have recently gone through a lot of trauma and been taking your gummies to help me sleep but these have helped me in ways I couldn’t imagine. They ease me for the day, I haven’t been stressing as much as I usually would and have been able to come off my anxiety medication.

Sophie Schools

I had more energy, my pain from endometriosis has eased, my anxiety was much better and I felt genuinely healthy. I have tried CBD oil in the past but I didn’t feel as much benefit as the Hey Hormones.

Lisa Robert