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We have designed a CBD range that fits perfectly around your busy lives to help take that edge off whenever you feel the need.Dedicated to providing only the highest quality products we swear by our moto ‘less of the stress’, and we are hoping to take you on a journey that can help change your life in this crazy chaotic world we live in at the minute.

How canax began

Jess' Story

A few years back, Jess and her family discovered the wonders of CBD when her mother was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. They found that incorporating CBD into her medical regimen brought significant relief to her daily anxieties and greatly improved her sleep quality, which is crucial for healing and recovery. This experience turned Jess into a staunch advocate for CBD.

Following the birth of her children, Jess turned to CBD herself to manage her anxieties, reduce stress, and ensure restful sleep. Her family, too, has embraced CBD as a supportive therapy, finding it beneficial alongside conventional treatments for various health issues. This journey with CBD has not only provided comfort during challenging times but also reinforced their belief in its therapeutic potential.

How canax began

Sophie's Story

CBD has been a pivotal element in Sophie's professional life. With a solid foundation in nursing, Sophie has witnessed the transformative impact of CBD on patients firsthand, fueling her passion for the remarkable benefits of this natural remedy. Her hands-on experience in guiding patients toward the most fitting treatment options has deepened her understanding of CBD's intricate properties. This expertise has been instrumental in equipping Sophie with the essential skills to navigate customer interactions effectively, steering them towards enhanced well-being and happiness.

The benefits of CBD, such as its ability to alleviate pain, reduce anxiety and stress, manage mood, and its anti-inflammatory effects, have demonstrated significant therapeutic potential in patient care. Driven by a desire to extend these benefits to a broader audience through engaging and accessible solutions, Sophie founded Canax along side Jess. This venture embodies her commitment to sharing the healing virtues of CBD, transforming her professional insights into a conduit for wellness and joy in the lives of many.