Debs' Mellow Meno CBD Journey

Today, we’ll be chatting with Debs, who’s been taking Mellow Meno for a few months now to help combat the negative symptoms of menopause. For a little bit of context, Debs is 54 years old and has been dealing with menopausal symptoms since she was around 48.


Jess sat down with Debs and asked her about everything from HRT to her menopause struggles, the different approaches she’s tried to combat them, and how well Mellow Meno has worked to relieve her symptoms.

How old were you when you started noticing menopause symptoms?

I’d say I was about 48 when I started noticing things were changing. I’m 54 now, so that’s 6 years ago!

What were the first symptoms you noticed?

The sweating and hot flushes came first for me. I got really hot and didn’t know what to do about it. The feeling was really strange, and it would creep up from my toes all the way up my body, it was really weird.

The flushes happened mostly during the day rather than the night, which I know is quite common, and they’d really catch me by surprise. I have a coil so I didn’t notice anything relating to period changes, so yeah, it was the sweats that were a major symptom.

What other changes did you feel happening?

The hot flushes carried on for a while, and then came the insomnia. Well, I thought it was insomnia!

I was always a good sleeper but I kept waking up in the night, walking around, feeling like I was at a loose end. I put it down to insomnia because I was going to bed at a normal time, worked a physical job, and I felt tired, but I just couldn’t sleep.

That carried on for a while, then the aches and pains started. I’d always been fit with and active, but all of a sudden I was in pain all of the time. It was a really weird pain, like growing pains, and they didn’t go away.

And finally, I was never heavy with my periods. I never got migraines, PMT, or anything like that. No moods. Then, all of a sudden, Andrew (my partner) was really worried and kept asking why I was moody, because it just wasn’t me.

What made you think it might be menopause?

There was a feature on the news one night and every symptom reflected what I was going through. Andrew stopped immediately and said “that’s you”.

We were both wondering what was wrong this entire time, and suddenly it became really clear. At the time, I was 50 years old, so I’d been struggling with symptoms for about 2 years.

It was a relief to finally feel like I had an answer.

What did you do?

As soon as I realised, I went to the doctors for a blood test. I scheduled an appointment while I waited for my results, and the doctor prescribed anti-depressants!

I said no, I didn’t even have a blood test at that point so why would I go on anti-depressants? It was really surprising that this would be recommended, but the doctor said a lot of women struggle mentally with menopause, but I wanted to wait for my blood results before taking unnecessary medication.

So, I waited for my blood results to come back, and basically I was told that I was in the middle of menopause. I started taking HRT, and did so for about 6 weeks.

Did HRT work for you?

No, I hated how it made me feel, really bloated and sick, so I decided I’d stop taking it and try other options. I’m allergic to morphine and my body doesn’t react well to lots of drugs, and after using HRT for such a long period, I felt awful.

So, I spoke to Andrew and we agreed I’d stop. However, once I stopped taking HRT, my menopause symptoms came back stronger than ever, particularly the aches and pains.

Did you start taking any other supplements?

Not for menopause, no. At the time I also found out that I had an underactive thyroid, so I was put on Levothyroxine, but it’s made no difference. I have regular appointments and they keep changing my dosage, so hopefully that will get sorted soon enough.

But no, I didn’t and still don’t take multivitaims or any supplements whatsoever, other than Mellow Meno…

Were you dubious when I suggested Mellow Meno?

I’ve never tried CBD and didn’t know anything about it. I think like most people who don’t understand it, the first thing I thought was “is it a drug?”

I’ve never been interested in cannabis or drugs or anything, so I was concerned about that at first, but I found out that CBD doesn’t have any of the mind-altering effects, so I felt comfortable trying it out.

What happened when you took Mellow Meno?

The first big thing was sleep. I’d been struggling with sleep all this time and within 5 days, I slept through the night for the first time in years. I was surprised at how quickly it started working!

Before that, I’d wake up 2 hours into my sleep every night. I’d find myself walking around asking what was wrong, but this has helped a lot. Sometimes I still wake up, but I’d say that on a whole, my sleep has improved by about 80%. Which is amazing.

Have you noticed any other changes?

Sometimes I’d get a bit emotional at random times, but that’s gone now and im back to normal in myself. I feel the best I’ve felt in years, and the aches and pains have also gone.

I still do get the hot flushes, but they’re much more manageable. People time my hot flushes at work, they put the air con on when they know the sweats are coming!

How long have you been taking Mellow Meno?

I’ve done 3 months now, taking it every day, and I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

When do you take it?

In the morning, I don’t really eat breakfast out of personal preference, and I take Mellow Meno about 30 minutes before I have a cup of tea or coffee.

So, at about half 6 in the morning I have it, go back to sleep for a bit, then get up and crack on with my day. Or I’ll take it at half 8, without food, before I go to work.

Would you recommend Mellow Meno to others going through menopause?

I already have! I recommend it to everyone around my age. In fact, I recommended it to three friends who now use Mellow Meno instead of HRT. They’ve told me they don’t need HRT after the improvement they’ve felt.

Overall, I feel great, I’m sleeping better, I have less hot flushes. My libido is great too, which is hugely important! So yes, I’d definitely recommend it.

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So, there you have it! Another success story for Mellow Meno, and a great example of our menopause-focussed CBD product helping with symptoms of menopause.

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