Tiffany Bucko and why she takes Mummy Gummies

We asked Tiffany to answer a few questions so we could find out more about her and why she takes our gummies....

Tell us a bit about you...35 years young, Executive Assistant and married with a 2 & half year old little madam!

Why do you take CBD - Honest answer? During my late teens/ 20s I used to smoke to relax and help with pain from IBS. However, as I got older I realised the THC side of things was not helping my anxiety especially once I became a parent and needed to be on the ball 24/7! Therefore I started to look into the CBD side of things, I tried oils but I found the taste awful and not enjoyable. I started to research gummies instead and came across Mummy Gummies and they seemed to not only give the most CBD per gummy but also an option of flavours. Once I found your Instagram page and the reviews I was fully converted and ordered my first pack.

How did you hear about Mummy Gummies - Researched into CBD gummies and found your Instagram page.

How has it helped you - I'm now 3 months in and I honestly can't be without them! I have converted family, friends and work colleagues - basically anyone that talks to me about anxiety, pain or trouble sleeping I send them your Instagram! One of the things I love most is that I can take one at any point during the day and I know it's not going to affect my work/ parenting/ driving etc. But I can always rely on either my anxiety relaxing, my headaches or period pains being melted away or knocking me out for a good night's sleep. All I can say is, thank you Mummy Gummies you little life savers!