CBD, PMS, and Endometriosis

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Today we’ll be looking at PMS and endometriosis, and how CBD can be of benefit when you’re struggling with the symptoms brought on by one or both of these conditions.

We’ll examine stories from customers, the wider public, and also look at the science to see how effective CBD can be when it comes to treating PMS and endometriosis.

Let’s start with stories from PMS sufferers.

Does CBD Help with PMS? - Your Stories

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There are plenty of stories out there about women who’ve taken CBD to help with some of the symptoms of PMS. Lots of our customers for example, have told us that our Mummy Gummies CBD edibles help them relax and put them on a more even keel during PMS, and that they also help reduce other negative symptoms such as headaches and anxious thoughts.

This has been backed up by stories around the world, such as Ana Reyes, a designer who works for US-based company Wildflower. She states that CBD helps her feel calmer when she would otherwise suffer from PMS, and that it helps reduce the likelihood of mood swings and a general poor feeling of wellbeing. Like many of our customers, she also vouches for the fact that CBD helps her feel calmer, with fewer headaches and less anxiety.

A New York executive by the name of Karla Vitrone agrees with Ana, and states that CBD was a game-changer when it came to managing anxiety during PMS, as well as aiding her sleep patterns.

So, while it’s pretty conclusive from an anecdotal point of view, we now need to take a look at the science.

Does CBD Help with PMS? – The Science


Dr. Julie Holland has a background in psychopharmacology, and she didn’t quite realise the positive effects CBD can have for PMS until she started researching it in detail. Once she did, she found that CBD can help with anxiety that PMS brings about and that it can also help relax the uterine muscle where cramps often occur.

Dr. Holland cites double-blind studies that prove this alongside swathes of anecdotal reports about women using CBD to help remedy their PMS-induced cramps. She also discusses how successful CBD is when it comes to reducing feelings of nausea that many women feel during PMS.

A further piece of scientific research carried out by Jackie P Cavner reviewed relevant studies on the viability of using CBD as a treatment for PMS. The results showed a marked improvement in many discomforts associated with the condition, from headaches to emotional and mental symptoms, as well as menstrual pain.

She found that CBD compounds can relieve many of the core issues women have to deal with when it comes to PMS such as chronic pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, and insomnia.

And these are just a couple of examples of research carried out in relation to CBD and PMS, and as we’ve seen in previous blogs, more and more studies are being carried out every day which can help give us a clearer picture as to the effectiveness of CBD as a treatment for various conditions.

What is Endometriosis?

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Endometriosis is a condition that affects the female reproductive system. Essentially, it’s when tissue of the uterus grows outside of the uterus itself. This can cause a severe amount of period pain when uterine lining sheds and the tissue outside of affected areas react to monthly hormones.

CBD and Endometriosis

As far as CBD goes, there’s growing evidence that this natural plan can help with some of the symptoms presented by what can be a very complex condition. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help reduce inflammation, for example, which is one of the most common symptoms and causes of pain with endometriosis, and the analgesic properties of CBD are also known to help reduce pain.

Research carried out by Dr. Ethan Russo MD, director of CReDO Science, backs this up and suggests that CBD can help substantially with pain-relief as well as anxiety brought about due to endometriosis because it stimulates and therefore desensitizes the TRPV1 receptor. This essentially means that it doesn’t respond anymore and therefore doesn’t cause pain.

A further study posits that CBD could even prevent cell proliferation and cell migration by helping to active apoptosis, a function that is impaired with endo-sufferers, and one that would normally respond to tissue growing in the wrong location by identifying and destroying the harmful cells. And a final scientific study found that CBD can also inhibit inflammation and decrease cytokine production, which are proteins that signal the immune system and can trigger inflammation and pain in those suffering from endometriosis.

All of this research shows us that CBD can go one further than pain relief and can actually target the source of the issue, which will come as fantastic news to endo-sufferers.

So, while research is relatively limited in the field, there is growing consensus in the scientific community that CBD can indeed help with at the very least, some of the pain and anxiety associated with endometriosis, and at best, it can even help inhibit inflammation and prevent cell proliferation.

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