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Here, you’ll find lots of different pieces about CBD and how it can help you in your day-to-day life. From relieving symptoms of peri menopause and menopause to helping you with feelings of pain and anxiety, we’ve even looked at how CBD can be beneficial for those who struggle with PMS or endometriosis and a number of other conditions.

Today, however, we’ll be looking at sustainability. We’ll be exploring why we are passionate about being as sustainable as possible as a business, the steps we take to be super-sustainable, and why it’s important to do so as a business in the 21st century.

Let’s begin by looking at why sustainability is so important in the business landscape of 2021.

Forest from Below

Sustainability in Business

With unpredictability about the only thing that is predictable about the future of the planet, consumers are more and more focussed on where it is they buy their goods. They increasingly want to shop with ethical companies who don’t treat the world with disregard, and they want companies who value the environment as well as social issues.

This means that as well as the obvious benefits of going sustainable such as, you know, the survival of the future of the planet (which currently has 100 companies that are responsible for 71% of greenhouse gas emissions) there are lots of other commercial reasons for businesses to go sustainable.

For starters, it can really boost your brand image and therefore add brand value to your business. It can also meet the demands of consumers, increase efficiency, and even create new opportunities for your brand.

It also vitally means that your business can create a model that others want to emulate, and that’s one that puts the planet first with a sustainable approach.

Canax CBD – A Vegan Company

Vegan Spelt Using Vegetables

One of the key elements of Canax CBD is our devotion to providing fully vegan CBD edibles to our customers. This was never much of an issue with our Mellow Meno range of CBD Capsules, but when it comes to gummies such as our Mummy Gummies, it’s been pretty tricky to create something that tastes fantastic and doesn’t contain gelatine. Then there’s our new, upcoming product “Zero Gummies” which are sugar-free and therefore even harder to find vegan ingredients for! However, we ended up searching far and wide to find a fully vegan option as opposed to a much more easily accessed lot that contained gelatine.

And while it was difficult to say the least, for both of these products we’ve managed to stay fully vegan as well as palm-oil free (more on that later), meaning that as far as CBD gummies go, they’re among the most sustainable you’re likely to find.

This is because veganism and sustainability are values that we take very seriously here at Canax CBD, and they’re values we plan to carry throughout each and every product we launch.

Organic and Palm-Oil Free CBD Edibles


The core issue with palm oil is that it continues to be a major driver of deforestation among some of the world’s most biodiverse forests, which in turn endangers more and more species by the day, from the Sumatran Rhino to the Orangutan and Pygmy Elephant. That’s why are dedicated to providing palm-oil free edibles with every one of our product lines.

And to ensure all of our products are fully organic, all the hemp used within our CBD edibles comes from Oregon and is farmed entirely on an organic farm. If you’re dubious about this, and you should question companies who claim to be organic if you feel uncomfortable, we do have all the relevant licenses and even a video available to confirm the fact.

Recyclable Packaging with Canax CBD

Recycle Sign in Leaves

Then there’s our packaging, which is fully recyclable from top to bottom. Both our mailer bags and pouches can be fully recycled once you’re finished with them, which is another core aspect of sustainability we’re extremely passionate about. We all need to help do our bit and we are no different as a business, so we find the matter of recyclable packaging extremely important.

All of this means that when you place an order with us, you know you’re helping to contribute to a greener economy and that you’re also doing your bit where you can.

Plant a Tree with Canax CBD


And finally, there’s our Plant a Tree initiative.

With the Canax CBD Loyalty Plan, you can already accrue points and redeem them with money-off discounts. To add to this in the near future, we’ll also be offering the option to plant one or multiple trees when you collect a certain number of loyalty points.

And to go one even better, we’re also looking forward to introducing a new initiative whereby new customers who place their first order will also be planting a tree when they finish checking out.

Canax CBD – Striving for Carbon Neutrality

All in all, we are doing all we can as a new business to be as sustainable as possible, but we know we can do more.

We understand that as we grow as a business more options will become available to us, such as using a fulfilment company, and we endeavour to be as carbon-neutral as possible when making this decision and in fact every decision we make here at Canax CBD.

Buy CBD with Canax Today

If you’re interested in purchasing our CBD products, you can do so online today. We have available our fully vegan and palm-oil free Mummy Gummies CBD gummy range available in pouches of 25 gummies, as well as our new range of Mellow Meno CBD Capsules, specifically designed to tackle the many symptoms of peri menopause and menopause.

You can purchase both of these products either as individual pouches or as part of a rolling subscription, and we have two flavours of Mummy Gummies to choose from, including strawberry and sour apple.

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